CIAC kicks off program for urban renewal, heritage conservation

CLARK FREEPORT – The Clark International Airport Corp. kicked off its Urban Renewal and Cultural Heritage Preservation Program with the unveiling of a 200-meter mural off the intersection of C.M. Recto Highway and Manuel L. Quezon
Avenue here on July 9.

“It took only ten days for this shadowy corner of our beloved civil aviation complex to suddenly come to life, for this familiar intersection to suddenly become, not just a common crossroad, but the X that marks a great new spot, a new “tagpuan” (meeting place), and landmark for our community — to be, in a
word, renewed,” noted CIAC president Arrey Perez.

Created by multi-awarded Filipino artist Archie Oclos, the mural tells the story of the transformation of the Clark airport from the devastations of the Mount Pinatubo eruptions, reflecting the story of the past and future of CIAC as well.

“We should all be very proud of this accomplishment, not because it was made with magic [for being finished in only 10 days], but because it was made with vision, imagination, resolve, and commitment — the kind that we, in CIAC, have
given to realizing our seven flagship projects so that we can build Clark as our Airport City,” enthused Perez.

Perez defined Airport City as “a vibrant environment for work, education, wellness, and leisure” built through “pioneer innovations in urban planning and development, to leverage green technology in order to create green spaces for community activities, to preserve and celebrate Clark’s cultural heritage by
building parks around historical urban artifacts.”

“It is only right that this mural should materialize our promises first, because this is not just a piece of public art that everyone can enjoy; it is a testament to our resolve, our values, and our ethos. Tagpuan is a demonstration of what we can do for Clark: energize it from the ashes of past trials, revitalize it from a history of struggle — transform it beyond what anyone imagined it can become,” Perezsaid. Punto News Team

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