Philippine Aviation’s First External Data Provision Agreement Signed

From left: Jesseelyn P. Heje, Acting Department Manager, AIS Department, CAAP; Capt. Manuel Antonio L. Tamayo, Director General, CAAP; Noel F. Manankil, President and CEO, LIPAD; Atty. Manuel Joseph U. Franco, Legal Counsel and Corporate Secretary, LIPAD

Clark International Airport (CRK) achieves another milestone for aviation safety. It  has signed a Memorandum of Data Provision Agreement with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), becoming the first aerodrome operator in the country to do so.

This agreement ensures that aeronautical data meet stringent quality requirements to enhance operational control and optimize safety within Philippine airspace. It also provides for reliability, and the seamless flow of aeronautical information.

“This signing marks a significant milestone in our efforts to elevate the Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) Quality Management System in the Philippines to international standards. We deeply appreciate the vital contributions of our data originators,” CAAP Director General Capt. Manuel L. Tamayo emphasized.

This signing also underscores CRK’s pivotal role in the continued development and enhancement of air navigation services across the country.

Mr. Noel Manankil, President and CEO of LIPAD, operator and manager of CRK, expressed enthusiasm about this significant milestone. He stated, “At Clark International Airport, we are dedicated to pioneering advancements in aviation standards. Being the first to sign this agreement ensures that CRK remains at the forefront of safety and efficiency in air navigation services across the Philippines.”

The initiative stems from the Twenty Sixth Meeting of Asia Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Group, where CAAP identified opportunities for improvement in the implementation of the AIS Quality Management System (QMS).

Under the agreement, CRK will actively participate in the AIS Data Originators Conference, which facilitates crucial discussions on formal arrangements and enhanced understanding of AIS processes and data quality standards.

It will also receive specialized training sessions provided by the AIS technical team. Training is vital for operational requirements, ensuring compliance with AIS standards and enhancing data integrity.

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